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Our Story



It all began with Karen's  favourite blue denim suit. Giving her confidence and comfort for important occasions, the suit had become her go-to power outfit. But after years of use, it was time to replace it.

Try as she might, Karen couldn't find another one — so she had an idea. She would make one ... but first, she needed to find a denim designer.

Luckily, Karen's friend Ingrid Robers had just the right person in mind, Yvonne Vermeulen.

So Karen met with Yvonne, who instantly fell in love with the idea.. and it wasn't long afterwards that they founded the Blue suit.


Karen and Yvonne are dedicated to bringing beautiful blue suits (and more) to the women leaders of today.

This is for the women whose jobs aren’t just jobs, but passions.

This is for the women that stick to their values and strive to make a difference wherever they go.

This is for the empowered women that set out to redefine the world they live in.

Our vision is to empower women through ethical fashion and to provide an alternative to fast fashion brands.


Bringing 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, Yvonne Vermeulen  lives between Rome and Amsterdam. She’s always in search of the next bold horizon in a never-dull industry.

Bringing 15 years of experience in the corporate sector, Karen Rauschenbach recently completed an intensive programme focused on creative leadership and social entrepreneurship for a greener, more sustainable world. She travels between Zurich and Amsterdam, driven by a passion to do business differently.