Fashion is the second heaviest industrial polluter in the world – that is, if you consider your clothing as a consumable that can be bought cheap, thrown away quickly, and produced unsustainably.

Our first collection – the ELEVEN oz. collection – truly reflects the identity of our slow fashion brand. It is designed to last many seasons and focusses on timelessness with a perfect fit.

It all starts with the time and effort we put into prototyping, working with some of the best pattern-makers in Italy. It is equally reflected in our sourcing which is solely from personally known fabric suppliers. 


Care for who made your clothes.

At the Blue suit we care for the garments and the people who make them. Produced under socially-responsible conditions in Barbara Italy, we’ve taken the time to build up long-term relations with our trusted partner Luca, owner of La Fabrica s.r.l.

They ensure our semi-tailored production is performed by skilled seamstresses under safe working conditions, with a regular 5 day working week, paid holidays and fair wages. 



Enjoy the comfort of natural fabrics.

Your blue suit garment is made using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified eco-Denim fabric, produced in the south of Turkey. The fabric is provided by Bossa, a denim mill founded in 1951 in Adana, Turkey. Bossa is renowned in the fashion world for their premium fabrics. With over 67 years of heritage, Bossa has led the way in innovation, always adapting to the needs of the future, as demonstrated through their latest eco-denim offerings.  While most suits rely on polyester and plastic to create their shape, the Blue suit utilises all-natural materials such as organic cotton, or upcycled materials such as labels and buttons. The organic cotton lining of your suit is GOTS certified and provided by Adzienda Foderami Dragoni located in Gallarate, Italy.  Founded in 1929, Adzienda Foderami Dragoni has extensive expertise in producing high quality fabrics.

Our concern for the environment is also reflected in the use of natural indigo for dying our garments, thereby ensuring that no toxins get close to your skin.